Story Time with Tom Starita

Short and sweet…

Welcome to Goppygots 3.0, the reincarnation of the dream I once woke up from. Whether it’s standing in front of a classroom full of teenagers, the dinner table or the random dude standing in line at Bed Bath & Beyond listening in on a conversation with my girlfriend, I love to tell stories.

Goppygots 3.0 is going to be just that, a series of independent, random stories I like to call,

“Story Time with Tom Starita.”

Some are going to be funny, others weird and possibly even verging into the slightly dramatic territory. Regardless they are all here for your critical eye and harsh judgement. After all, isn’t that what the internet is for?

Feel free to check out the category below obviously named, “Story Time with Tom Starita” and catch up on all the stories you may have missed!



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