Since the dawn of creation, man has dreamed of recording his voice for the amusement of others. First came the movies, then radio, followed by television. And now, in the beginnings of the twenty-first century a new form has been birthed for the masses…

The podcast.

Fortunately for you, the greatest podcast of all time is now available for your consumption…

Tell Me with Tom Starita

Join me on my journey to fame and fortune and check out the available episodes either on the link at the top of the page or here, for your convenience below:

Tell Me with Tom Starita episodes


My Interview with Lisa Haselton’s Reviews and Interviews!

I know you love reading about me talking about me…


5 Stars from The Midwest Book Review!

The Midwest Book Review has weighed in on my book, “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated.” To say I’m happy is a severe understatement:

Critique: “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated” is a classic coming-of-age story by Tom Starita that takes a unique and comic look at what we all fear — having to grow up and abandon our dreams. Written with a genuine flair for insight and humor, “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated” is an impressively compelling and entertaining read from cover to cover. A deftly crafted novel that will linger in the mind and memory long after the book has been finished and set back upon the shelf, “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated” is especially recommended for community library Contemporary General Fiction collections. It should be noted for personal reading lists that “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated” is also available in an inexpensive digital book format (Kindle, $0.99).



Anthony Avina Loves My Book!

Anthony Avina not only reviewed my book, he also put a review up on Youtube AND interviewed me as well!



TabithasBooks Loves My Book!

Not only does Tabitha love my book, she considers it one of her favorite books of 2017!