What the hell is this?

Dear Random Clicker

Here at Goppygots Entertainment we strive to bring you nothing but the best content ever produced in the history of any creative medium.

If you want to hear Tom talk to successful people in the arts and entertainment field to learn their secrets go listen to my podcast, “Tell Me with Tom Starita”

If you want to watch a cartoon, we have “Tom’s Apartment”

If you’re looking to buy a great book check out “Two Ways to Sunday,” “Growth and Change Are Highly Overrated” and my NEW book, “Delta.”

If you want to read random short stories we have, “Story Time with Tom Starita”

If you want to check out all the various media stories about me, including a commercial I did, click on, “All My Media Appearances”

And finally, if you’re doing some research on my life and/or want to stalk me check out, “The Unquestionably False Yet Undeniably True Story of TOM Starita”

So much material, all now conveniently organized for your approval.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tom Starita

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